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Just Ping it Across! 👌

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Email! Don't you just love it? So convenient! So instant! So free!

For Voiceovers it's great....Just ping across an mp3 within minutes of receiving a script....Beats the days of travelling miles to reach a studio where spools of tape were used and spliced to edit the audio (which doesn't seem too much of a distant memory for me whch is worrying but I did begin voice-overing young!!! Honestly-extremely young! 😁). It would take a whole day to drive there, record, have the tape spliced and drive home so email is excellent for productivity but is email really a good thing for just general communication and exchange of information? These days I find everyone wants everything by email no matter what..........

...........even though, what you write on email is essentially treated the same as what you write on the back of a postcard!! 👀 Our electronic mail travels through numerous servers before it reaches our intended recipient(s) and those servers mostly store the content and attachments from those emails often permenantly even when you may no longer have them.

Emails can also very easily be sent to someone's incorrect address especially if the first letters are the same as someone else in your address book (particularly with touchscreens which are very prone to these kinds of errors unless of course you have very dainty fingers!) How often have you double checked just to make sure you have sent it to the right person? Once received by the right or wrong person, they can then be forwarded and forwarded and forwarded to many different recipients you hadn't wished to share your conversation with and may not even know and then replicated time and time again at the bottom of numerous possibly completely unrelated emails through a "reply all" feature where the thread can go on and on with your original content tagged at the bottom each time like some out of date signature.

We need to stop and think, is anything really "free"? and stop being so trigger happy inadvertently sharing all of our conversations and personal information across the worldwide web! Even providers who claim to offer an "encrypted" service, according to their own privacy policies often keep all the decrypted content including attachments on their own servers.

To only have email as a form of written communication would be a great loss! 🤔 Let's not forget about our wonderful Royal Mail!

It is great for pinging across an mp3 though.......Just about to send one now.....😊

Email an MP3
Hi from Hawaii. Here are my Bank details!

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