• Rebecca Wood

What ON EARTH is going on? 🙌

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

OK......So it's only March and we've already seen devastating reports from around the world of fires and floods of biblical proportions and even a plague of locusts amid already existent social unrest, poverty, war, terror and human's ongoing destruction of the planet.....Now, within a matter of weeks, a new threat to mankind.....this time....a virus....... a Pandemic........a novel strain of Coronavirus they call COVID 19!

Flights grounded, borders shut, schools closed, exams cancelled, supermarket shelves stripped bare, stock markets crashed while cities and whole countries are closed for business until further notice as a disease sweeps through global populations crippling health systems and disabling societies.

A highly infectious and deadly lung disease with a long drawn out painful death. Self isolation, quarantine, social distance, lockdown are all quickly becoming part of our daily vocab.

Are these apocopalytic scenes and reactions what we have all feared? Has life as we know it changed forever? or will things get back to normal in a few months? Could it open up more possibilities for authoritarian control? What will happen when it takes hold in parts of poverty stricken Africa where many don't even have access to clean water and medical facilities are non-existent?

Traveling in unchartered territory now, none of us know the answers; We can only hope that things will work out for the best and pray a vaccine is passed soon.

These are very scary times! Take care of one another. Be responsible. Keep an eye out in your community for those who may already be isolated before it became the law. Let's use this as an opportunity to put all differences aside and work together as one race (the human one!!).

Religion, politics, status - none of it matters in the face of Coronavirus to which we all fall victim even if we don't contract it.

In a global war like effort, let's use this as an opportunity to put aside difference while mobilizing peace and unity for our fellow Humans. 💖

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