• Rebecca Wood

Anyone can be a voice over surely? Not!

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Many people I meet seem to think it's easy just to speak into a microphone for money.

How many times have I heard, "Everyone tells me that I have a nice voice. How can I get into that? I would love to work from home"?

Not everyone realizes that it actually takes a lot concentration to be able read say for an hour a corporate video in a warm dark sound booth with limited light and no fan or unit without tripping over ones words or losing focus.

Often the corporate videos or E-learning projects contain highly technical or scientific content with words we've never even heard of before and take a lot of first comprehension of the subject in hand and then the skill to deliver it as though you are the UK's expert on this very complicated topic you hadn't come across until only an hour ago.

We then listen to it all back, checking for errors and correcting any so we can edit and send a clean piece of audio to our clients. By this time, it all sounds like gobbledygook anyway as you have become so familiar with this piece of narration like when you say the word "banana" over and over again. (not that you do this very often but you get my meaning)

So that brings us to the (highly complex for many of us and certainly myself) dreaded technical element.

Many voice overs are creative "artists" darling!.... and don't have a clue (I speak for myself here) in general about any other form of highly technical stuff such as software, hardware, uploads and downloads apart form using quite advanced recording and editing programmes with lots of different hardware elements too and making sure they are all running properly.

An IT glitch will leave a voice over penniless until it is fixed so being a technical geek is also essential if working from home so it isn't easy, no!....and not everyone can do it but .......if you can do it well then it may seem easy at times but not because it is......rather because you have a talent which you have nurtured through years of hard work, constant learning and dedication.


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